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Our software makes production plants better

Most production facilities are operated according to their perceivable limits. However, these limitations are purely defined by human capabilities. NAPCON utilizes artificial intelligence to discover a plant’s hidden potential and we promise: what you think is your best, is only the tip of the iceberg.

NAPCON Understand

Turn the data provided by your plant into relevant information that helps optimize your company’s production.

NAPCON Improve

Bring out the maximum potential of your operations by optimizing both, production and capacity.


Make operator training safe and exciting by bringing your real-life plant into the virtual world.


Know more, perform better, achieve the best.

NAPCON Understand solutions are for advanced digitalization to achieve true Operational Intelligence. Industrial IoT with real time decision making support for human workers at process industries has never been as easy as it is with NAPCON specialists consultancy and turnkey vertical solutions for Smart Refineries.

NAPCON Informer with built-in cyber security and certified OPC UA communication and data historian for Industry 4.0 delivers a solid and futureproof platform for refining operational wisdom from onsite and cloud data within the Industrial IoT context.

NAPCON Analytics shines with amazing visualizations for real-time unit, product- and production line KPI dashboards to make human decision-making superbly effective. Boosted calculation capabilities are now ready for streaming ML and AI applications with optional ML Framework.

We have a deep understanding of the process industry and its information solutions. With our Consulting services and a combination of thorough analysis, we offer customized turnkey deliveries without production interruptions. 

NAPCON Services make our IIoT platform, operational intelligence, process and IT experts at your disposal. We are ready to ensure that you get the best benefits of NAPCON software over the entire life-cycle of your solutions.

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NAPCON Informer

NAPCON Informer makes it easy to collect all process data from your DCS systems, IoT devices and plants by Industry 4.0 compatible way. Take over Operational Intelligence and gear up digital transform...
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NAPCON Analytics

NAPCON Analytics turns your plant data to easily understandable KPI’s and forms the brains for Operational Intelligence to help you predict the real-life consequences of your operations.
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Get the results you really deserve.

With NAPCON Improve solutions you can ensure that your investments meet your strategic goals and that your assets are used optimally with a sustainable mindset. We understand the process industry needs and the set of goals you are aiming for. 

Our customer value top notch software products for advanced process control and dynamic real time optimization. NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer are full stack software packages. Gain the maximum and full benefits of machine learning with our artificial intelligence solutions NAPCON Advisor. NAPCON’s extensive process technology, control and operation knowhow are combined to solutions that optimize your production process continuously 24/7. 

Lifecycle with NAPCON Improve starts from your needs. As the first step, we clarify and analyze where and how we can help by controlling or optimizing your plant processes towards your targets. Namely NAPCON Performance Analysis is a detailed study to identify the full potential of your plant. During every phase we embrace the true co-operation between plant personnel and our NAPCON team. 

NAPCON Services make our optimization, control, process and IT experts at your disposal. We are ready to ensure that you get the best benefits of NAPCON software over the entire life-cycle of your solutions.

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NAPCON Advisor Column

NAPCON Advisor is a digital operator assistant that predicts the process future behaviour and gives operation suggestions. The NAPCON Advisor helps you to easily reach true limits of a plant with situ...
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NAPCON Controller

NAPCON Controller puts all your potential to use. NAPCON Controller monitors your production incessantly and commands the systems to reach the best possible results.
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NAPCON Optimizer

Reach new tops with NAPCON Optimizer. It gathers data from the plant and uses it to run the equipment in the most optimal way, resulting in better efficiency and more consistent quality.
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NAPCON Train solutions bring your real life plant into the virtual world.

NAPCON Train solutions make training your staff not only risk-free, but also efficient and exciting. For more than two decades, we have developed and re-engineered training tools and methodology that ensures maximum learning of the plant personnel. 

Our products, NAPCON Games and NAPCON Simulator, ensure the plant personnel are ready to operate your assets in a safe, sustainable and optimized way. With the recently launched, NAPCON Cloud OTS we are able to  provide a classroom equivalent training independent of the physical location of trainer and trainees. 

Our service, NAPCON Learning Path, is an organization-wide competence development and assessment solution, which is a combination of NAPCON E-learning, NAPCON Games and NAPCON Simulator. It is one of the most comprehensively digitalized learning paths for efficient training of plant personnel in the process industry. 

NAPCON Consultation Services supports you in making a smart investment. Our in-house experts evaluate the training needs of your process industry by deeply studying the technology and current training methods, identifying the gaps and providing consultation on critical areas to invest in training. 

NAPCON Services ensures that training your plant personnel is effortless and efficient. Through NAPCON Services, we offer state of art maintenance and development services for both software and hardware to ensure that the learning environment evolves together with the plant and has nearly zero downtime. 

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Step up your game with NAPCON Games. Gamification is an unbeatable way to make training more meaningful. Our highly advanced training games play to work and turn work to play.
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NAPCON Simulator

NAPCON Simulator is a highly interactive training simulator that turns your plant into a safe yet intriguing training environment, offering motivating training for both beginners and experts.
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