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NAPCON Advisor Column

Do you know what is behind the corner? Look to the future of your plant processes with true Industrial AI.

NAPCON Advisor Column for the distillation column is an advanced AI solution to maximize the yield of most valuable products in fractional distillation. As an AI assistant for operators and production engineers Advisor predicts the process future behavior and gives What-If -operation options and operation suggestions.

Advisor Column optimizes crude column cut points and thereby fractions of different yields to make further refining and blending process premise optimal. Simultaneously it keeps human-in-the-loop to improve situational awareness and preparedness to process deviations and recovery.

NAPCON Advisor helps you to reach the true limits of a plant with situation-specific optimization whether there is a need to reduce carbon emissions, optimize utilities or maximize certain yields.

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Benefits for you

  • Increase productivity and yield

    The Advisor will help minimize yield loss during sudden or planned changes and helps decision making in production and planning.
  • The Advisor is at your service 24/7

    NAPCON Advisor is a solution to augment human capabilities. It is ML and AI based digital operator assistant, which guides to run entire processes optimally.
  • The future of your process might reveal new insights

    NAPCON Advisor can predict process behaviour several hours ahead. It can be used to explore alternative futures to select most suitable with “what-if scenarios”.
  • It improves situational awareness and safety

    Better situational awareness for everyone involved in operation increases the safety of your plant.
  • Builds for Industry 4.0 -proof Smart Refinery

    NAPCON Advisor is true Industrial AI and relies on Industrial IoT, OPC UA communication and Information Models.
  • The Advisor can be at your service quickly

    Advisor technology can be deployed basically to any processes. It has been built from the beginning from the needs of the process industry.

Key features

  • Industrial AI solution ready to lead you to Industry 4.0 era Smart refining

  • AI-assisted decision making with actionable insights

  • Human-in-the-loop for situational awareness and improved safety

  • Based on ML Pipeline built for on-premises installations

  • ML with most familiar libraries e.g. python and pytorch

  • OPC UA Interface for Industry 4.0 interoperability

  • Runs on typical virtualized production HW

  • Option for KPI Dashboards and other Operational Intelligence applications


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