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Petrochemical Industry

$ 100M more profit

Borealis Polymers Ltd produces ethylene and other petrochemical products at its ethylene cracker in Porvoo, Finland.

Borealis had already used the NAPCON Controller Model Predictive Control (MPC) since 1999, but in 2003 they felt it was time to further increase their profit by acquiring an optimizer. Borealis ordered the NAPCON Optimizer from Neste Engineering Solutions.

"Our estimate is that the NAPCON Optimizer has continued to produce the same amount of annual profit ever since 2005, meaning that we have passed the cumulative profit milestone of 100 million USD. "
Dr. Stefan Smeds
Principal optimization specialist, Borealis Polymers

NAPCON Optimizer produces excellent long-term return

The NAPCON Optimizer was taken into operation at Borealis by the end of 2004. For the first operational year with NAPCON Optimizer, Borealis recorded a profit increase of 12.5 million USD per annum. The profit increase was enabled by NAPCON Optimizer’s capability to gather real-time information from the plant, and then run the equipment accordingly. Since 2005, the Borealis Polymers estimate to have gained a long-term profit of over 100 million USD due to napconization.

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Case Petrochemical, Borealis : NAPCON Optimizer creates excellent long-term return

Products we used in project

NAPCON Optimizer

Reach new tops with NAPCON Optimizer. It gathers data from the plant and uses it to run the equipment in the most optimal way, resulting in better efficiency and more consistent quality.
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NAPCON Controller

NAPCON Controller puts all your potential to use. NAPCON Controller monitors your production incessantly and commands the systems to reach the best possible results.
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