Release 8.6 new features and updates to the existing ones


NAPCON INFORMER - Speed and reliability



  • Automatic generation of OPC UA configuration file and certificates.
  • Database checkpoint feature (for OTS usage)
  • Information Manager improvements
    • TrackedVariable listview performance improvement
    • History repositories creation functionality
  • NAPCON Informer installer with Powershell scripts (Windows environments)
    • New installation options and installation location selection
  • Improved HistoryRead and History collection performance and reliability
  • Audit event additions for OPC UA operations
  • Informer security hardening
    • Support for new stronger security algorithms for secured OPC UA connections
    • Windows Services running under Service Accounts instead of napcon_user
    • History Writer functionalities at NAPCON UA Server
    • MSMQ communication discontinued
  • NAPCON Informer upgraded to .NET Core 3.1 from .NET Framework. 
    • NAPCON Information Manager uses .NET Framework 4.8.
  • NAPCON Informer Linux support (Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04)
    • Includes automatic installation
    • NAPCON Information Manager is not supported in Linux

NAPCON Informer




Analytics UI – easily configurable visualizations

  • New Generic table plugin for industrial purposes
  • New Gauge plugin for industrial purposes.
  • New Time picker plugin for industrial purposes.
  • JSON output from CE plugin.
  • manual input and cell by cell option with new Generic table.
  • Gauge with thresholds that come from database / API
  • Time picker plugin for more restricting time picking for non admins/editors.
  • Option to have different aggregation for each tag.
  • UI layer upgraded to Grafana 7.1.3.


Calculation Engine – advanced calculations for industrial use cases

  • New advanced query features, optimized advanced query speeds
  • Manual input support for entering values to precalculations and historian databases.
  • Data format between C# and Python changed from CSV to Parquet.
  • Python script optimizations, including the libraries and DataFrame as default format
  • Data pipeline improvements for machine learning optimization
  • Python debugging with jupyter lab.
  • New advanced query search options and functionalities.
    • tree mode
  • Support for new commands that come with the Python library.
    • Python output can be now DataFrame or Dict/JSON, or both
  • .Net core updated to 3.1

NAPCON Analytics





NAPCON Configurator

  • Several usability improvements for NAPCON Configurator, the interactive engineering tool for NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer, for instance
    • Improved support for more complicated recipes, allowing NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer configuration and structure to vary based on the product quality, feed type or other quantity that describes the operating mode. 
    • Improved handling of the configuration project file, such as autosave and enhanced multi-user support
    • Improved procedure and logic of the NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer configuration update to the NAPCON Informer database. 
    • Automatic compatibility with NAPCON Improve dashboards


NAPCON Improve Operator Interface

  • The web-based operator user interface, NAPCON Improve Operator Interface, has been further developed based on customer feedback, for instance
    • Dynamic presentation of the present and past operating point on a graph   
    • Enhanced multi-user support
    • Customisable CV switches
    • Trending of CV and MV future predictions


NAPCON Controller and Optimizer

  • Minor improvements in NAPCON Controller’s optimization algorithm
  • NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer benefit from all improvements of NAPCON Informer, as NAPCON Informer is the OPC UA server for all NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer applications

NAPCON Controller

NAPCON Optimizer





Simulator Features

  • Initial Condition Saving and Selection feature released.
  • Multi-User Cloud (Location Independent) OTS released.
  • Training Performance Management for evaluation of trainee’s developed.
  • Secured, limited duration and model specific licensing released for Trainer Dashboard, Operator User Interface Software as well as Dynamic Simulation Engine.


Trainer Dashboard

  • Initial Condition Selection and Saving Implementation.
  • Implementation of Client Specific Classroom Maps and Customer Logo on Trainer Dashboard.
  • Improvements in Classroom Utilization Rates Calculations.


Training Functions

  • Leak Faults Implementation to Valves and Pumps


Operator User Interface

  • NAPCON Generic User Interface Released.
  • Emerson Delta V Live emulated User Interface Developed.
  • Yokogawa Centum VP 3000 emulated User Interface Developed.
  • Improvements in Honeywell Experion and Valmet DNA emulated user interface which provides better performance and enhanced training experience.


Dynamic Simulation Engine

  • ProsDS main window graphics and functionality improved.
  • Limited Licence Level that provides possibility of hiding of confidential models.
  • Improvement in ProsDS Search/Find functionality with inclusion of Value ( such as blocks on local, faulted, change test limit ,interval high or low, valve fail position, PID measurement high or low, Forced control on etc.) and Value Expression Search (for advanced level users).
  • Improvement of the management of the calculation parameters : “User defined” settings feature has been added,  Menu items added for Import and Export calculation settings to the model frame “Settings” menu.
  • Initial Conditions Saving and Retrieving.
  • Automatic Backtrack Saving and Retrieving feature.
  • Improvements in Membrane unit which made membrane unit behavior to real life.  
  • Leak Fault Improvements to cover Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchanger and Membrane Unit (Note : Simulator wide leak fault consists of Pumps and Valves only for this release).
  • Furnace modelling improvements in ProsDS (using Heat Exchangers block). 
  • Stream “Reference/Expected Value” viewing and comparison with actual value feature.
  • Mass Editing of Streams allows change of multiple streams specifications, parameters and basics (such as color, thickness). 
  • Mass Editing of Tags, Descriptions Improvements
  • Automation detection of counterpart tag in Process and Automation Models.
  • New Automation blocks for memory circuit and logical derivative added.
  • Improvement in PID override functions and speed of non-linear system. 
  • Automatic Scaling of Quick Trends.
  • Improvements in Sequences : Manual Stepping and other updates related to operation sequences.



NAPCON Games consists of a unique portfolio of Distillation, Furnace, Heat Transfer, Condensation and Boiling games.



Improvements in NAPCON Games Portal

  • Learning objectives added for each mission
  • User guide added to the portal
  • Option to skip sending email when inviting users to pool
  • Statistics usability improvements
  • Portal usability improvements for administrators




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