NAPCON {Product release} 8.5 - NAPCON

NAPCON Product release 8.5

Release 8.5 new features and updates to the existing ones


NAPCON Informer


  • New cloud connectivity unites NAPCON data platform to most prevalent cloud vendor’s (MS, Google) environments
  • NAPCON Informer offers flexible way to build company wide production data platform we can now build coherent and unique way to serve your existing BI analytics
  • Improved Information manager
  • Trend visualizations
  • User management/authentication

NAPCON Analytics


  • Solid packages with visually Dashboards for different analytics purposes
  • NAPCON Analytics Core can be extended with packages for online calculations and advanced calculations with full Python support for Advanced Analytics
  • Reporting package offers industrial grade reporting tools which makes reporting easy and visually pleasant whether it is about energy reporting or production tracking.
  • Updated user interface makes essential production KPI visualization dashboards efficient
  • Real time view for operational officer




  • Enhance user experience for process operators
  • More flexible interfaces for engineers to configure and maintain optimization application 
  • NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer are platform independent optimization packages. 
  • The state-of-the-art OPC UA communication
    • NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer can be connected with / installed on top of any modern advanced process control (APC) software or process control system (DCS or PLC).


NAPCON Simulator


  • Major updates in NAPCON Simulator, Operator Training Simulator
  • First cloud training simulator strengthens the flexibility and availability of simulators
  • Lite Training Simulator expand our services between full scope OTS and training Games
  • High fidelity process model backbone to ensure realistic process dynamics



  • New Training Games for Furnace, Heat Transfer, Condensation and Boiling along with existing Distillation Game
  • Several new tutorials
  • Different difficulty level missions
  • Training dashboard provides efficient and effective management of trainings, managing statistics as well as improved reporting. 


Training Games Portfolio increases two into six:

  • NAPCON Games Distiller
  • NAPCON Games Furnace
  • NAPCON Games Heat Transfer
  • NAPCON Games Condensation
  • NAPCON Games Boiling
  • NAPCON Games Fluidized Catalyst Circulation


NAPCON Services


NAPCON Services are collected under  the category Solutions. Buyers can easily discover how our service supports the  chosen solutions. NAPCON provides a comprehensive range of product related services and life cycle services from consultation to maintenance services – see what kind of services our different solutions offer.


NAPCON Lifecycle Services 

  • The purpose of lifecycle services is to keep the solutions and software always up to date and their performance in high level despite processes and operative targets are changing.
    • Maintenance & Development services
    • Hardware & Software services
    • Call Desk Services


NAPCON Consulting Services

  • NAPCON Improve Performance Analysis
  • NAPCON Train Consulting Services

Digital Brochures


NAPCON has published new digital brochures for process industry buyers’ needs. The new brochures give a detailed overview on the extensive knowhow what NAPCON Understand, Improve and Train solutions and  NAPCON services have to offer.

Download NAPCON Train, Improve and Understand brochures here (pdf):

Technical Brochures

The new technical brochures provide more detailed information to experts:

  • Main properties
  • Usability
  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Easy start with NAPCON
  • Case examples

Technical brochures (8.5) are available on our Product site. 

Release 8.4

Release 8.4 features

Find the details of an earlier product update:

Release 8.4 Features