NAPCON Product release 8.4. - NAPCON

NAPCON Product release 8.4.

Release 8.4 new features and updates to the existing ones


NAPCON Informer


  • Easy data replication between on-premises, cloud and hybrid installations
  • Simple UA Server user management and authentication
  • Information Manager trend improvements and automatic trend scaling
  • Improved user management and authentication
  • Tracked variable communication improvements

NAPCON Analytics


Analytics UI

  • Autoscale UI from mobile to desktop
  • Updated look with NAPCON styles
  • New visualization panels for process industries – NAPCON Table
  • New custom plugins for data sources (Oracle + other SQL)
  • New NAPCON Table for process industry operational visualizations
  • Non-polling data fetch from calculation engine
  • Return type usage improvements for Calculation Engine
  • Automated tests set with RobotFramework/Selenium

Calculation Engine

  • One dimensional OPC UA arrays support
  • Additional OPC variable datatype support
  • Variables, their values and types as return value
  • OPC UA server connection disturbance logging
  • Docker container pool for fast calculation execution
  • Fast OPC UA variable search with caching
  • Speed optimizations
  • Extended OPC UA support
  • Concurrent GET “Engine/Diagnostic/InfrastructureIsReady” requests for fast executions


NAPCON Controller


Configuration Tool

  • General usability improvements
  • Added automatic simulation model generation based on the control matrix.
  • Added recipe support for database based controller configuration to support different operation and production modes.

Model Validator (New):

  • New software application, Model Validator, which monitors control model accuracy and indicates if a model needs to be re-identified or tuned
  • Model status are conveniently displayed in a control matrix defined by the controller configuration

Modelling Tool:

  • General improvements to the usability and simplifications of the model identification process
  • Added database connection support for model identification using data from historian

APC Dashboards:

  • Added matrix view for the indication of MV / CV performance for better insight into the controller performance
  • Added support for user defined KPI for separate variables

Controller Testing Platform (New):

  • Automatic controller testing capabilities
  • Large variety of controller performance test scenarios for automatic controller testing


NAPCON Simulator


  • Trainer Dashboard
  • The new generation trainer user interface is now available for private cloud simulator.
  • New training class map for easy set-up of a flexible training room for various training sessions.

Training functions

  • New fault triggering options for motors, pumps and valves have been added.
  • Added support for electrical fault scenario.
  • Improved process variable drag and drop features on history trends.
  • Improved configuration options to control available trainer functions and visibility in user interface.
  • Training functions unification for all available emulated user interfaces.

Operator user interface

  • Improved touch screen support for soft switch panels.
  • Added support for multiple tabs of process diagram displays inside same user interface window.
  • An additional emulated user interface option available.
  • Added support for special simulator out-of-scope coloring for all display elements.

Dynamic simulation engine

  • Improvements for thermodynamics calculations
  • Search system improvement to look for model contents based on metadata
  • Contents expansion and restructuring in the integrated help system
  • New membrane separation model for membrane split object
  • New feature to include metadata in simulation models
  • New tutorials for process and automation modeling



NAPCON Games Portal

  • Admins can now view individual report cards of the trainees
  • Admins can now export and print pdf report cards
  • Upgraded visual appearance
  • Portal optimized for mobile users
  • Redesigned architecture now supports multiple games
  • Printable statistics (PDF)
  • Redesigned UI

NAPCON Games Furnace

  • A new game for industrial furnace operating
  • Educates the basic theory and causalities with gamified operating and fault scenarios
  • Innovative narrative based missions that instruct, test and give feedback with rapid loop
  • Realistic and dynamic visualization shows equipment structures and vivifies the rousing flames
  • 9 Missions
  • 5 Achievements
  • In-game educational content with tooltips and info boxes

NAPCON Games Distiller

  • New and improved missions
  • Control strategy guidance feature
  • UI optimized for large touch screen devices
  • Tablet device compatibility