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Our modern solutions make training of your staff and testing the limits of your plant not only totally risk-free, but also efficient and exciting.

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Safe Operation

Potentially hazardous situations are most often encountered while performing tasks that are not done frequently. Using a process learning environment to practice operating under rare circumstances allows plant personnel to adopt safe ways of plant operation, and to efficiently handle abnormal events.

Safe Design

Construction and operation of safe production facilities and systems are based on Safe Design. Rigorous dynamic simulations allow new ways to ensure the integrity of safety-related systems, verify safety-critical HMI designs and size safety-related instruments.

Safe Production Chain

Our Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analysis (RAM) indicates the most vulnerable parts of the production chain. Ensuring proper maintenance of equipment and doubling critical apparatus provide a solid platform for sustainable and safe production.

Products for Safety


Step up your game with NAPCON Games. Gamification is an unbeatable way to make training more meaningful. Our highly advanced training games play to work an...
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NAPCON Optimizer

Reach new tops with NAPCON Optimizer. It gathers data from the plant and uses it to run the equipment in the most optimal way, resulting in better efficien...
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NAPCON Simulator

NAPCON Simulator is a highly interactive training simulator that turns your plant into a safe yet intriguing training environment, offering motivating tra...
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