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78 % less resources

Neste had, for some years, utilized their own system for production tracking, where production data was recorded manually into separate Microsoft Excel files. However, the Excel-supported system soon proved to be extremely arduous and time-consuming to the personnel maintaining it. It was also felt that the system was not cost-effective. Neste turned to Neste Jacobs, requesting them to provide new software, which would improve and stabilize their production tracking system.

"NAPCON Informer enables us to work more efficiently - after napconizing our production tracking system, we have recorded a 78% decrease in working hours to date. It is extremely important to have a production tracking system that is user friendly, trustworthy and flexible."
Markko Rajatora
Manager of Decision Support Systems and Processes at Neste

NAPCON Informer Revolutionizes Production Tracking

To meet Neste’s demands, the new production tracking system had to include a web-based, graphical user interface, certain data treatment functionalities, production tracking calculations, a stable database, and a reporting tool. Neste Jacobs’ NAPCON Informer met these requirements perfectly, providing Neste with an easy-to-use system, that is both accurate and stable. Most importantly, the new system enables personnel to perform the same production tracking tasks in a matter of hours, rather than a matter of days – decreasing resources required for production tracking by an incredible 78%.

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Case Neste: Modern solution for efficient use of integrated plant data in production tracking

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NAPCON Analytics

NAPCON Analytics turns data provided by your plant into a unified, easily understandable format and uses it to predict the real-life consequences of your operations.
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