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Campaings / 24 Aug 2020


Read about our six summer Napconians’ experiences   All together 13 new summer Napconians started working at NAPCON in April 2020...

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News / 10 Jun 2020

Neste Engineering Solutions delivers a NAPCON Understand Reporting Solution for Sucros Oy

Neste Engineering Solutions and Sucros Oy, a member of the Nordzucker Group, have signed a collaboration agreement to deliver a NAPCON Under...

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News / 25 May 2020

Smoothest NAPCON Distiller competition at Neste Singapore marks the launch of a new way to have ready-to-operate operator

Neste Singapore launched their new competence development scheme by finding the Smoothest Distiller of the site. The new training scheme inc...

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News / 19 May 2020


NAPCON proudly announces the release of new games to the NAPCON Games portfolio. Last year December we released an 8.5 software update, whic...

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Campaings / 14 Jan 2020


NAPCON Summer jobs 2020   Do you want to be a Napconian in the summer of 2020? We offer interesting summer job opportunities for motivated...

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News / 24 Apr 2020

Chevron Lummus Global, NAPCON, and Bapco Announce Grand Opening of the LC-FINING Center of Excellence

Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), NAPCON, and the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) announce the successful grand opening of the LC-FINING Center...

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News / 04 Feb 2020

NAPCON successfully supplied a Hydrocracker Training Simulator to Neste’s Porvoo refinery

NAPCON has successfully delivered a Hydrocracker Training Simulator to Neste’s Porvoo refinery. NAPCON’s new training simulator will...

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Product Release / 02 Dec 2019

NAPCON Product Release 8.5

We have published a new 8.5 version of NAPCON software. The renewed version has new software features in all NAPCON product categories: Trai...

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News / 12 Nov 2019

Machine Learning in the NAPCON Advisor

The newest member of NAPCON Understand is our top-notch digital operator assistant, NAPCON Advisor. It is currently in pilot use with our pa...

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Press release / 31 May 2019

TAMU NAPCON Games Cup at the Texas A&M University was a success

Neste Engineering Solutions’ NAPCON team hosted the TAMU NAPCON Games Cup at the Texas A&M University in April 2019 for 150 Chemic...

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