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Challenge Your Operators

Articles / 23 Mar 2021

Have you identified who you are as a learner and as a player? And does your gamified environment cater to all different types?


Below is a list of the most commonly identified player types. Which one are you, and who does your colleague identify as?


Most importantly – is your learning environment designed to motivate all of these player types?



An option to learn a new skill? Yes, please! To you, personal development is fun, and you’re always on the outlook for ways to improve. You’re competitive, but rather to bring your team and colleagues to the next level, not so much to show off your badges. Achieving goals is like passing a milestone!

Favorite game: Duolingo



You play to figure out the mechanics. You’re not so much interested in the actual competition but rather understanding the science behind it. Each new game is something you can conquer, and it’s much more enjoyable for you to have figured out the rules and design. You also like to point out how stuff works to your fellow players.

Favorite game: Any game or device you haven’t figured out yet


Slayer (killers)

Finally, a competition where you can show how much better you are than others! Your social standing is essential – there’s no other option than winning (and seeing others lose)!

Favorite games: Borderlands, Minecraft, or Grand Theft Auto



It’s so boring to play alone! Instead, you prefer games that allow you to network, collaborate, and understand how other players think. You like it when you can do things together with other players. Sometimes, it’s fun to engage in single-player games, but only if there’s an active community around the game.

Favorite game: Farmville or World of Warcraft



You wear your badges with honor. You like it when it’s clear how to hit a 100 % completion rate. Gaining points, levels, and equipment motivates you, as does setting the game difficulty to hardest. You like getting a status indicator, and you value competing with other achievers to show off your skills. You’re also a member of every single loyalty program out there.

Favorite game: Duolingo, any wearable device, or Cyberpunk 2077



Ah – a time constraint! How annoying! You were looking forward to solving this mysterious puzzle and figuring out how to find the exit. Combats, levels, and points are secondary motivational factors for you. Especially you love when you find easter eggs and hidden quirks in the game.

Favorite games: World of Goo, Roller Coaster Tycoon or Lara Croft


Which learner type are you?


In our next article, we’ll cover the basics of designing a successfully gamified learning experience!





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