Product Release / 27 Apr 2021

The latest version of NAPCON software is now available to NAPCON customers. The newly released version 8.6 is packed with new enhancements for all our product categories Understand, Improve and Train.


NAPCON 8.6 is designed to tackle the challenges of today. “For our customers the new release contains both new valuable capabilities as well as extended system compatibilities that for instance improves the user experience, efficiency in deployment, as well as new security features. Our customers’ needs have always been our first priority“ says Jyri Lindholm, Head of Product Management, NAPCON.



NAPCON Understand offers advanced solutions for digitalization of smart refineries. Understand solutions increase intelligence in planning and execution processes at refineries and production facilities. 

  • NAPCON Informer with security improvements and renewed OPC UA certification for Industry 4.0 communication delivers a solid and futureproof platform for refining operational wisdom from onsite and cloud data in an Industrial IoT context.
  • NAPCON Analytics shine with amazing visualizations for real-time unit, product and production line KPI dashboards to make human decision-making superbly effective. Boosted calculation capabilities are now ready for streaming ML and AI applications with optional ML Framework and will serve an expanding NAPCON AI portfolio.



NAPCON Improve category includes NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer, our solutions for improving the performance of production processes by advanced process control and dynamic real time optimization. 

  • In that field we have made improvements for our web-based operator UI, NAPCON Improve Operator Interface. The new visualization of the current and past operating points makes the operator work easier, especially when working with complex processes.
  • The focus on NAPCON Improve engineering tools has been in streamlining the configuration workflow. NAPCON Configurator  has now enhanced support for more complicated recipes, allowing NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer configuration and structure to vary based on the product quality, feed type or other quantity that describes the operating mode.



NAPCON Train category includes NAPCON Simulator and NAPCON Games. 

  • We are proud to announce the launch of NAPCON Cloud OTS that provides the possibility to train plant personnel from any location. 
  • During the last year, we have also added new features to NAPCON Simulator such as Training Performance Management.
  • Our operator user interface emulation has seen major improvements with addition of NAPCON Generic User Interface, HMI emulation for several DCS flavours.
  • Our in-house dynamic simulation engine was extended with  several improvements in furnace and membrane blocks calculations, mass editing of streams and tags, improvements in automation modelling blocks including sequences. Also, the dynamic simulation engine now supports backtrack saving/retrieving. 
  • We added more learning objectives  for each mission for our NAPCON Games, namely Distillation, Furnace, Boiling, Heat Transfer and Condensing Games. 
  • NAPCON Games portal received several usability improvements for administrator view which help the management of training via NAPCON Games.


Find out more information of new features and updates for our Release 8.6:

8.6 Release page


Further information:

Frejborg Andreas, Head of Customer Relations NAPCON, Andreas.Frejborg@neste.comtel. +358504586712


NAPCON in brief

NAPCON leads the process industry to a safe and sustainable future. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions to enhance your production spanning from operational intelligence and advanced process optimization solutions to boosting your competence through simulators and games. As part of Neste Engineering Solutions that offers engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Bio-industries, we apply our extensive process know-how on modern software engineering to fulfil your needs in the areas of availability, production optimization, sustainability and safety. In addition to our head office in Porvoo, Finland, we operate in international Neste locations such as Singapore and Rotterdam. Altogether we employ over 800 engineering professionals.For more information, please visit:

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