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Practice Real-world Problems

Articles / 20 Apr 2021

In our article series about gamified experiences, we’ve previously covered topics like designing a gamified experience and how to motivate different player types.


In this final article, we’ll give you three tips on how you can include NAPCON Games into your curriculum.


#1 – Use our learning objectives to design your leaderboard

All of our missions have a specific learning objective. Through the years, we’ve identified key topics that operators need to know to be successful. We have designed the games to introduce these topics to the player successively, each mission building upon the next. Therefore, the missions can be a part of your learning curriculum, complementing the theory in a fun and engaging way.


#2 – Practice makes perfect

We fine-tuned our scientific models to provide an enhanced learning experience. Through extensive research, we’ve identified which aspects need the most training. We’ve designed the learning objectives and missions around this research. By varying the moving components and difficulty, we create multiple scenarios activating the previous knowledge but requiring it to be applied in a new context. Through this, we create a dynamic learning environment that, step by step, prepares you for moving on to simulator training and real-world applications. We’ve got over 380 minutes of training playtime.


#3 – Follow up and follow along

With access to detailed statistics, you can see which topics need more training and teaching. Player activity and engagement will give you supporting insight. 

Advance your course curriculum through our introductory, intermediate, and advanced missions, finally challenging your learners in infinite sandbox missions. Sandbox missions can, for example, be used for competitions and extra training with their randomized events.




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