To err is human, to improve is Napcon - NAPCON

To err is human, to improve is Napcon.

NAPCON continues where human capabilities end. We use artificial intelligence to help you find and utilize powers you didn’t know existed.

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    Napconizing paid off: several days’ work is now done in hours.
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NAPCON helps you find the hidden potential.

The world is full of production plants that are not even remotely as efficient as they could be. Don’t let your plant be one of them. NAPCON introduces a unique series of solutions that will put all your hidden potential to use.

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What we do

NAPCON UnderstandTurn the data provided by your plant into relevant information that helps optimize your company’s production.
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NAPCON ImproveBring out the maximum potential of your operations by optimizing both production and capacity with NAPCON Improve solutions.
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NAPCON TrainBring your real life plant into the virtual world, making operator training and plant testing both safe and exciting.
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NAPCON DecideWith our customized decision support system you are able to make the best possible choices.
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Where we can help:

Whether you need to maximize production capacity, minimize energy consumption or time usage, NAPCON will get you the results you really deserve.

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