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Articles / 20 Apr 2021

Practice Real-world Problems

In our article series about gamified experiences, we’ve previously covered topics like designing a gamified experience and how to moti...

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Articles / 06 Apr 2021

Drive Behavioral Change

How do you design meaningful learning experiences?   When approaching gamification, we’re quick to think a badge, a leaderboard,...

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Articles / 23 Mar 2021

Challenge Your Operators

Have you identified who you are as a learner and as a player? And does your gamified environment cater to all different types?   Below...

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Articles / 09 Mar 2021

Gamify Your Training

Have you noticed how much gamification is around you?   Your local grocery chain might have an app showing you the number of vegetables...

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News / 25 May 2020

Smoothest NAPCON Distiller competition at Neste Singapore marks the launch of a new way to have ready-to-operate operator

Neste Singapore launched their new competence development scheme by finding the Smoothest Distiller of the site. The new training scheme inc...

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News / 19 May 2020


NAPCON proudly announces the release of new games to the NAPCON Games portfolio. Last year December we released an 8.5 software update, whic...

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