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Validated Product Property Measurements – Online

The Bahrain Lube Base Oil Company (BLBOC), a joint venture between the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and Neste Oyj Finland, erected an oil plant in Bahrain, which came on-stream in October 2011. The plant produces Group III Base Oils.

Online Near Infrared (NIR) process analyzers enable real-time quality control and essential in Group III Base Oil production, because multiple product qualities must be kept within specified limits during the process. Two NIR analyzers were installed to the BLBOC plant.

Project in a nutshell


Neste Engineering Solutions delivered the following products and services to BLBOC:

  • NAPCON Analytics Chemometrical modeling services
  • NAPCON Analytics Consulting on Analyzer equipment, Analyzer shelter and Sampling system
  • NAPCON Analytics QA/QC software and database
  • Client training

Benefits for BLBOC:

  • Well-functioning online product property measurements for several product grades
  • Automated measurement validation

NAPCON Delivery project highlights:

  • Fast start of the calibration project, initial property models ready for use 3 months after plant start-up
  • Long-term commitment from Neste Engineering Solutions and BLBOC to expand the applicability of the calibration models for different product grades
  • Secure remote connection to NAPCON Analytics for efficient calibration data collection and software maintenance

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Case BLBOC: NAPCON Analytics provides validated product property online measurements

Products we used in the project

NAPCON Analytics

NAPCON Analytics turns your plant data to easily understandable KPI’s and forms the brains for Operational Intelligence to help you predict the real-life consequences of your operations.
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