17% Productivity Increase - NAPCON

Tall oil industry

17% increase in production with no increase in energy consumption

Forchem Oy owns and operates a world-scale tall oil distillation plant in Rauma, on the Western coast of Finland. The plant has an annual capacity of 200 000 tons and produces its main products Tall Oil Rosin (TOR) and Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA) from a variety of crude tall oils, using a distillation technology developed by Neste Engineering Solutions, known as ArxPinus.

The tall oil distillation process is demanding due to the overlapping boiling ranges and thermal sensitivity of tall oil compounds. However, such biochemical processes often offer opportunities for substantial improvement in terms of production growth.

"During the NAPCON Performance Analysis and the subsequent NAPCON implementation, we became convinced of Neste Engineering Solutions’ expertise to carry out the production optimization with NAPCON Controller. We are very excited about the great results and the attractive payback of the investment in NAPCON."
Risto Näsi
CEO of Forchem

Case 1:


In the spring of 2015, Forchem began a NAPCON Performance Analysis project with Neste Engineering Solutions, aiming to quantify the possible benefits of Model Predictive Control (MPC) for their production process. NAPCON team reviewed Forchem’s production process in areas of instrumentation, online analyzers and process control. The two-month analysis demonstrated a feasible production increase of 9%, achievable by simple means and manual operations. In addition, the Performance Analysis indicated, that another 8% productivity increase could be gained through the implementation of MPC.

Case 2:


In September 2015, inspired by the positive results of the Performance Analysis, Forchem ordered an implementation of MPC from NAPCON. In March 2016, their TOFA production was controlled and maximized with NAPCON Controller, followed two months later by a similar napconization of their TOR production. In June 2016, NAPCON guarantee tests verified, that  the  production increase of 8% had materialized.

Project in a nutshell


  • Performance Analysis
  • NAPCON Controller (MPC software package)
  • Full implementation end engineering services
  • Client training

Benefits to Forchem Oy

  • 17% sustainable production increase
  • 9% production increase by manual control
  • 8% additional production increase after implementing NAPCON Controller
  • Full turn-key implementation of MPC in 8 months, for two production lines

Project highlights

  • 2 month delivery time for Performance Analysis
  • Full implementation in 8 months
  • 100% customer satisfaction, measured by Neste Engineering Solutions’ quality management system procedure

See it in action

Case Forchem: NAPCON Production maximization for a tall oil distillation plant

Products we used in project

NAPCON Controller

NAPCON Controller puts all your potential to use. NAPCON Controller monitors your production incessantly and commands the systems to reach the best possible results.
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