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Dairy Industry

10% increase in production with no increase in energy consumption

Valio Oy is the largest producer of dairy products in Finland. It ships more than 60 million kilos of milk and whey powders annually.

Milk and whey powder production is all about drying liquids. The process is demanding in many ways: it consumes a lot of energy and requires extreme accuracy. The moisture balance is a critical factor. Too large water content makes the powder sticky and disturbs the production.

"With the help of NAPCON Controller, we managed to boost our production by more than 10 % without any expensive hardware investments or increase in energy consumption."
Vesa Strand
Production Manager of Valio

Case 1


At Valio’s factory complex in Lapinlahti, whey powder is produced in huge quantities. In 2013, Valio installed NAPCON Controller to their whey powder production line. In addition to remarkably increased productivity, optimizing the production process lead to decreased variations in product quality.

Case 2


Due to the excellent results in Lapinlahti, Valio decided to napconize also their milk powder production line in Seinäjoki. With NAPCON Controller Valio can predict the moisture content and optimize the humidity in real time, keeping the composition of the final powder product very close to its target value. What’s more, energy consumption is minimized: NAPCON Controller balances the need of energy to the desired product specifications.

Project in a nutshell


NAPCON delivered the following products and services to Valio Oy:

  • NAPCON Controller Model Predictive Control (MPC) software package
  • NAPCON Analytics Process calculation sofware package
  • OPC-UA connection between NAPCON and Valio’s process control system
  • Full engineering and implementation services
  • Client training

Benefits to Valio Oy

  • More than 10% increase in whey powder production
  • No increased energy consumption
  • Decreased variations in whey powder moisture content


NAPCON Delivery project highlights

  • Fast track from project initiation to start of MPC: only three months
  • No process or control system shut-downs due to installation and commissioning of NAPCON
  • Remote telecom connection between Client’s process and NAPCON

See it in action

Case Valio: NAPCON Controller maximizes whey powder production

Products we used in project

NAPCON Controller

NAPCON Controller puts all your potential to use. NAPCON Controller monitors your production incessantly and commands the systems to reach the best possible results.
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