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Elina Luuppala / 01 Aug 2023

A Napconian Summer by Elina Luuppala

Elina Luuppala works as a summer trainee in the Simulation Engineering team at NAPCON. She is a Master’s student in Chemical Engineering a...

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Samuli Bergman, PRODUCT MANAGER / 25 Oct 2021

BLOG Series: Frequently asked questions on NAPCON Advisor and machine learning - Part 1

Part 1: Machine learning and first principles models   Digital operator assistant is the best new coworker for a panel operator in chem...

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Tomi Lahti, PRODUCT MANAGER / 20 May 2021

Smart refinery is built on structured data

Now we take a glance to basic assumptions behind futureproof ML / AI solutions for the industrial production environments. Because there is...

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Tomi Lahti, Product Manager / 29 Apr 2021

AI at Smart Refinery

Today we see how Industry 4.0 is delivering value for process industries with the Smart Refinery concept. Data is the fuel, data management,...

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Kristian Bergman / 05 Nov 2020


Hi Kristian, How did you get a job at NAPCON? I joined NAPCON about a year ago as a Project Manager for the Project and Service Execution T...

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Mehmed Yumer - Lead Process Control Engineer / 06 Oct 2020

My cross-border career story: Joining NAPCON during a global pandemic

My recruitment and onboarding experience with NAPCON is an interesting story. Our roads were crossed with NAPCON in the beginning of 2020. A...

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Salla Vuolteenaho / 24 Aug 2020

Advancing professional skills and securing well-being while working remotely

About the Author: Salla Vuolteenaho works as a summer trainee in the Simulation Engineering team at NAPCON. Born in Oulu, she lived almost a...

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Toni Heinilä / 24 Aug 2020

Software development as a chemical engineer

About the author: Toni Heinilä is a summer trainee at NAPCON. He works in the Software Engineering team as a Software Engineer Trainee. Ton...

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Rosa Kaasalainen / 24 Aug 2020

Employer brand – Little things that matter

About the author: Rosa Kaasalainen works as a Sales Support and Marketing Trainee within NAPCON. She studies marketing at Turku School of Ec...

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Pontus Lindroos / 24 Aug 2020

Napconize the world to a more sustainable one!

About the author: Pontus Lindroos has been working as a Project Management Trainee at NAPCON during the summer. He is a Master’s stu...

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