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Salla Vuolteenaho / 24 Aug 2020

Advancing professional skills and securing well-being while working remotely

About the Author: Salla Vuolteenaho works as a summer trainee in the Simulation Engineering team at NAPCON. Born in Oulu, she lived almost a...

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Toni Heinilä / 24 Aug 2020

Software development as a chemical engineer

About the author: Toni Heinilä is a summer trainee at NAPCON. He works in the Software Engineering team as a Software Engineer Trainee. Ton...

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Rosa Kaasalainen / 24 Aug 2020

Employer brand – Little things that matter

About the author: Rosa Kaasalainen works as a Sales Support and Marketing Trainee within NAPCON. She studies marketing at Turku School of Ec...

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Pontus Lindroos / 24 Aug 2020

Napconize the world to a more sustainable one!

About the author: Pontus Lindroos has been working as a Project Management Trainee at NAPCON during the summer. He is a Master’s stu...

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Thao Ho / 24 Aug 2020

My learning process and how NAPCON cares about their colleagues in this specific time

About the author Thao Ho is 23 years old and was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She came to Turku University of Applied Scien...

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Sanni Lares / 24 Aug 2020

Friends without “coffee talk”?

About the author: Sanni Lares is Summer Trainee at NAPCON. She works in the UI and Usability Engineering team as a Software Engineer Trainee...

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Valtteri Karttunen / 03 Feb 2020

Meet a Napconian: Valtteri Karttunen on the Project Management Team.

Hi Valtteri, How did you get a summer job at NAPCON? I got a summer job during the spring of 2018. I first heard about NAPCON at the Conta...

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Oskari Martela, Summer Trainee, Software Development / 14 Jan 2020

Working in NAPCON and personal development.

Working in NAPCON feels like working in a startup and I found that really exhilarating. Everyday people are solving problems for the custome...

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Andreas Frejborg, Technical Sales Manager / 29 Mar 2019

Define for me what is well trained? And how do you verify it?

Yeah, good set of questions indeed. These have been popping with a higher and higher frequency during the past 6 months, as I have been conc...

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Venla Kuuluvainen, Sales Manager / 27 Feb 2019

The pursuit towards optimum

Fitness, sports, supply chains, manufacturing plants, processes and business, all have something in common; the pursuit towards an optimum....

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