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Napconize the world to a more sustainable one!

Pontus Lindroos / 24 Aug 2020

About the author:

Pontus Lindroos has been working as a Project Management Trainee at NAPCON during the summer. He is a Master’s student in Chemical and Process Engineering at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, majoring in Process and Systems Engineering with a minor in Industrial Management. After the summer he is going to finalize his studies with a Master’s Thesis. During his free time he enjoys different kinds of sports, cooking good food and exploring different parts of the world, when the global situation makes it possible and reasonable again.


I still remember the day when I received an email with an invitation to a job interview at NAPCON. At that time, I was living on the other side of the world, spending time familiarizing myself to the local culture, getting to know new people with a totally different background compared to mine, and off course, studying at my exchange university. My job interview for the Summer Trainee position was done remotely, and I remember how I began the interview by telling that the day in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, was extremely hot and humid, 38 degrees celsius. The interviewer, who is today also my manager at NAPCON, said that the day was rainy and cold back at home in Finland. The coldness and darkness felt so far away at that moment. This year I was skipping that time of the year with a return home in late May, to a warm and bright springtime back home in the Nordics. And when I was returning home, I had an exciting challenge ahead of me at NAPCON, because I was offered the opportunity to spend the summer as a Summer Trainee at NAPCON Project Management!


But when you are in the middle of a crisis, there is no better place than home.


Two weeks later, I found myself in the airplane, wearing a facemask and heading back home. It was a sad feeling, I planned to stay the whole spring semester in the heart of Southeast Asia, experiencing new things together with other students from all around the globe. But when you are in the middle of a crisis, there is no better place than home. My plans changed rapidly, like they did for the rest of the world. The world looked suddenly different. But is it actually that bad to take a short break, or is it just a wake up call for humanity?


It is said that a crisis becomes a catalyst for change.


It is said that a crisis becomes a catalyst for change. The post-COVID-19 world will look different than what it looks today. I strongly believe that a green recovery is the correct way out from the crisis. Neste has a strong purpose with creating a better world for our children and NAPCON being a part of Neste, is continuously a crucial part of the work towards a more sustainable tomorrow. 


The existing production plants are constantly made better by the digital solutions developed by NAPCON, optimizing the productivity, increasing the profit, and creating less emissions. The Neste Singapore Expansion project, bringing the total production volume of renewable products up to 4.5 million tonnes annually, is being Napconized by the NAPCON Simulator and NAPCON Informer products. NAPCON is strongly collaborating with Neste in future expansion projects of the renewable production lines. More and more external customers are collaborating with NAPCON in getting the most of their production. All this is leading to a more sustainable future beyond the traditional methods.


Change is always a possibility.


Change is always a possibility. Have you thought about taking the leap towards a greener future by Napconizing your business? Take the step towards a more sustainable and successful future!



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