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Press release / 10 Apr 2018

A new NAPCON Games Furnace operator training game into NAPCON Games portfolio

NAPCON Games Furnace is a new addition to the license based NAPCON Games portfolio. The online played training game is targeted to operators...

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Press release / 22 Mar 2018

NAPCON releases new features to its products for improved production optimization, data reporting and simulator training

NAPCON is now introducing new features to its existing product categories. “We want to improve the customer experience of our products...

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Press release / 15 Feb 2018

The smoothest operators have now been found by playing NAPCON Games Distiller at The Operator World Cup

NAPCON Operator World Cup 2017 finals were played on 8 February 2018 in Houston between operators from MOL Group and Neste. As the result of...

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Press release / 19 Jan 2018

Neste improves the security and effectivity of Porvoo refinery with NAPCON simulator

Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and producer of high-quality oil products, continuously invests into safety and se...

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Press release / 12 Jan 2018

NAPCON collaborates with David Hasselhoff to reshape the process industry with artificial intelligence

Neste's NAPCON product family is bringing about the next industrial revolution with products that utilize modern artificial intelligence.

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Press release / 28 Nov 2017

Neste Jacobs will become Neste Engineering Solutions

In September 2017 it was announced that Neste Corporation has acquired Jacobs Engineering’s 40% shareholding in Neste Jacobs Oy. After...

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Press release / 13 Sep 2017

Neste Jacobs launches its first digital operator training game for the process industry, NAPCON Games Distiller

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs releases the first new generation digital game called NAPCON Games Disti...

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Press release / 23 Aug 2017

Neste Jacobs sets out to revolutionize operator training with NAPCON Games

The first game now to be launched is a transformational mobile game; NAPCON Games Fuel Blender, which gives a hint of what NAPCON Games can...

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Press release / 28 Jun 2017

Neste Jacobs introduces updated versions of the innovative NAPCON Products

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs releases a new generation version (8.3) of the NAPCON products.

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Press release / 19 Jun 2017

Neste Jacobs increases the milk powder production of Valio’s Lapinlahti factory by 8% with NAPCON Controller

Neste Jacobs has successfully finished an optimization project at Valio’s factory in Lapinlahti, Finland. The project was carried out to o...

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