Neste Jacobs introduces updated versions of the innovative NAPCON Products - NAPCON

Neste Jacobs introduces updated versions of the innovative NAPCON Products

Press release / 28 Jun 2017

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs is releasing a new generation version (8.3) of their NAPCON products.

The updated NAPCON products have been developed to fulfill the most demanding user requirements, and include added benefits and features for improved user experience. “We continuously develop our products together with our customers, based on their real life needs”, says Jyri Lindholm, Head of Product Management of NAPCON at Neste Jacobs. “We want our products to have the best possible user experience. Our digital solutions are, above all, created and developed to ease the everyday operations of a production plant.”

The NAPCON products are now also divided into four easily understandable categories: Understand, Improve, Train and Decide.

NAPCON Understand solutions turn the data provided by a plant into relevant information. The category features NAPCON Informer and NAPCON Analytics. NAPCON Analytics is the ultimate data visualization and calculation tool for the process industry. It offers limitless possibilities through flexible plant data dashboards, and configuration with simple formulas. It is now also packed with new features, including an advanced reporting portal.

The high-performance NAPCON Informer, a process historian, is now OPC UA certified. NAPCON Informer includes an information model based on real-time data verification and validation. It enables historical data collection with secured communication, high scalability and vendor-independent, service-oriented architecture – bringing several benefits for industrial applications. The Information Manager, featuring versatile service navigation and data visualization, has also gone through a refreshing make-over.

The NAPCON Improve category includes production improvement solutions NAPCON Controller and NAPCON Optimizer. Both solutions now feature new properties, such as a configuration and modelling tool. Among other features, the configuration tool has an intuitive user interface. This enables plant-wide control matrix and fast configuration – resulting in early cash flow. The modelling tool, with a state-of-the-art identification algorithm, enables fast and powerful identification of process behaviors. In addition, both solutions include a performance dashboard, called APC PI, which provides insight into plant performance, making it possible to generate instant, automatic reports for different management levels.

The NAPCON Train solutions include NAPCON Simulator and NAPCON Games, that bring a real-life factory into the virtual world. The main improvement for NAPCON Simulator is a flexible training management service, which is available via the new NAPCON Cloud. There is no longer need for a separate training room for simulator training – any simulator can now be used in any training room. The new features for NAPCON Simulator also include improved data visualization, which enables faster analysis of simulation results, as well as a possibility to observe anomalies graphically.

For more information on the improved NAPCON solutions, please visit or contact

Satu Stolt
Marketing and Communications Manager
Neste Jacobs
+358 50 458 9779

Neste Jacobs is a reputable solution provider of high-quality technology, engineering and project services for a wide range of industries. We have an extensive 60 years’ experience in technology development, industrial projects and performance improvement in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to our home market, the Nordic countries, we are continuously looking to expand globally. We currently employ 1,300 professionals worldwide.

Neste Jacobs NAPCON products offer a wide range of advanced process improvement and automation technology solutions for enhancing production. Our solutions are based on extensive process know-how and modern control software, fulfilling needs in the areas of Production Optimization, Quality Optimization, Safety, Logistics, Business Optimization, Energy Efficiency, Big Data and Analytics. NAPCON also offers innovative and engaging simulators and games for effective operator training. For more information on our products, please visit

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