News / 17 Feb 2021

NAPCON announces a new product to join the NAPCON Train family: We are introducing NAPCON Cloud OTS that comes with features that are going to change process plant operator training.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created many new challenges. As one outcome companies are recommending remote work to their employees, and this has led to cumbersome situations on how to train the staff.  This new reality has set us to consider innovative new ways of working. As an outcome we are now releasing a cloud based training solution, NAPCON Cloud OTS, to support the industry to develop the competence of process plant operators.

NAPCON Cloud OTS platform enables global and location independent use of NAPCON Simulator through the public cloud. NAPCON Cloud OTS can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It provides a multi-user classroom-like experience but independent from the classroom.


NAPCON Cloud OTS – the solution for multi-user cloud based training:

  • Provides possibility to do training equivalent to classroom based training  
  • Supports multi-user sessions
  • Powered by public cloud computing capabilities and NAPCON Simulation Software Suite
  • Cyber Secured by nature
  • Highly scalable and flexible environment, allowing dynamic adding or removing of seats
  • Cost Effective – uses the resources only when needed
  • Easy to scale out globally
  • Hardware Independent


The Difference Between Classroom OTS and Cloud Based OTS

A traditional OTS, located in a classroom, provides limited access from outside company premises.  For a cloud based OTS, like NAPCON Cloud OTS,  this is no challenge. In a standard package  NAPCON Cloud OTS is hosted on Cloud Platform which is globally available and accessible anywhere with any device. This provides a flexible and cost effective training solution.


Boost Your Training

NAPCON provides modern digital training solutions for process industry needs. With NAPCON Train solutions you can create a digital learning environment that adapts to the users’ needs from basic principles to safe and specific operating skills. We are excited that NAPCON Cloud OTS is giving us the opportunity to also support multi-user online training and remote learning by having  simulators in the cloud. NAPCON Cloud OTS is available with NAPCON version 8.6. 

Planning a suitable and smooth training solution requires a lot – we have the knowledge. Get in touch and let us together design a training package for your needs. Gain more knowledge about our offering and success stories from www.napconsuite.com.


Further Information:


NAPCON in brief

NAPCON leads the process industry to a safe and sustainable future. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions to enhance your production spanning from operational intelligence and advanced process optimization solutions to boosting your competence through simulators and games. As part of Neste Engineering Solutions that offers engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Bio-industries, we apply our extensive process know-how on modern software engineering to fulfil your needs in the areas of availability, production optimization, sustainability and safety. In addition to our head office in Porvoo, Finland, we operate in international Neste locations such as Singapore and Rotterdam. Altogether we employ over 800 engineering professionals. For more information, please visit: www.napconsuite.com

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