OPC Day Finland 2021 Virtual Event on November 16th - NAPCON

OPC Day Finland 2021 Virtual Event on November 16th

16 Nov 2021-16 Nov 2021

OPC Day Finland 2021 is a virtual event that shares knowledge about the current status of OPC UA technology. It is traditionally organized in Finland, but the virtual event enables you to connect from all over the world!

OPC Day Finland 2021 focuses on success stories from the Finnish industry, but also brings in experts from the OPC Foundation, NAMUR and ISPE to discuss the current status of these technologies and how they will come together to make a future eco-system, where industrial machines and systems can connect easily and communicate over high level information based interfaces


Our Product Manager Samuli Bergman introduces the topic: Do you know what is behind the corner?

NAPCON Advisor, the operator digital assistant for the process industry. As an AI assistant for operators and production engineers NAPCON Advisor predicts the process future behavior and gives what-if -operation options and operation suggestions. 


OPC UA is Open Platform Communications, Unified Architecture, a standard technology that enables secure and reliable, platform independent interoperability in industrial automation and other industries.


Come and virtually meet us! We look forward to networking with you.


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