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Building safety and efficiency

Perttu Tuomaala, Head of NAPCON / 05 Dec 2018

We had a house built for the family a few years ago. For most of us, building a house is a big, once in a lifetime investment. The stakes are high; you want what is best for the family while you have to manage design, schedule and quality while keeping costs and risks under control. We were lucky enough to find a construction company, who truly understood our needs and delivered the whole project in high quality on time and within budget – while we were actually living abroad ourselves. Throughout the project, we felt our new home was in good hands with a trusted company.

When a process-industry end-user is about to invest in safety and efficiency provided by optimization, simulation and training software, one-stop shop tailoring suppliers are hard to find. Typically there are three types of suppliers in the chain: 1) consultants that clarify the needs, define the potential and specify the requirements and a budget for the solution. Then there is the 2) software provider whose software will be configured in the solution and finally the 3) system integrator who will integrate the solution into the control system and commissions the system. This typical supply chain comes with a risk – the risk of losing relevant information.

This does not need to be the case. When an end-user wants to increase efficiency and safety with digital, NAPCON is up for the challenge and ready to deliver benefits throughout the whole project – from goal setting to delivery and commissioning and onwards with a service agreement. However, as we have a modular solution, we can play any of the three supply chain roles above; if you do not want to take my word for the benefits of the one-stop shop turnkey solutions.

Having lived six years in the tailor made house without issuing a single warranty claim, I think this one-stop shop tailor made project is a concept that truly works.

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