A Revitalizing Tech Summer with NAPCON - NAPCON

A Revitalizing Tech Summer with NAPCON

Pongku Kumar Paul, Summer Trainee, NAPCON Games Team / 16 Jul 2018

It’s been almost two years, that I have been away from my birthplace Bangladesh and been studying in Finland. Consequently, the Asian professional life is what I am comparatively more familiar with than the European. Well, this summer I got an opportunity to revitalize my inherent will with Neste Engineering Solutions, more specifically with NAPCON. The house that consists of modern versatile tech windows.

As a summer trainee, I belong to NAPCON games team, a group of some experienced and committed people. Games? Yes games, but from a different perspective, we are talking about gamification here. The idea is to simulate Industrial processes in the form of games to train employees, minimizing the limitations, which usually exist with physical training simulator. It also gives the freedom of practice to prove employees’ skills regardless of pre-booking time, queue and physical presence in real life. Process modelling and modern web framework are the main courses of this dish.

Interestingly, the team is formed of people from different backgrounds such as Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and User Interface Design. Obviously, I admire this diversity which drives me to think intelligently now, how different technologies can be put together to optimize and simplify a solution.

Certainly, it is important to network with people while you are developing yourself in a professional environment. Particularly regarding to this I am speechless of how Neste has arranged several events to help summer trainees to build a network and trust by getting to know each other in the whole organization as well as in a team. I can pleasantly recall of a fascinating summer trainee day, team day and a couple of other regular activities that helped to get networked with uncountable new faces. Honestly, I haven’t been able to network with such a huge number of professional people in my last two years of stay in Finland compared to these two months spent at Neste.

Starting something new always involves a bit of nervousness and I wasn’t an exception. Therefore, to be productive I believe in freedom of work. Surprisingly, within a month of joining, I was given full flexibility of working similar to my senior colleagues, which depicts the trust upon me and gives me freedom to explore my own approach of solving a problem.

For sure, there will be lot to come and learn for the rest of my stay at Neste. Precisely, educational life gave me a good base with knowledge and then the execution of perfection started here with NAPCON. For me, this is a revitalizing tech summer.

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