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Big Data

Need to handle huge amounts of data without any restrictions? NAPCON is the answer. We provide a variety tools that enable you to get more out of your data. Tame your Big Data and make it serve you.

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Production Data Management and Storage

NAPCON offers technologies to collect and store data for various purposes, and provides built-in process and product analysis as well as efficient reporting tools. We can also take care of the many information managementrelated requirements set by authorities.

Data Integration and Reporting

Large scale production facilities typically utilize several information systems, all containing information of a specific part of the process. Enable your engineers and production planners to efficiently and reliably get a clear view of the overall situation by automatically making the tedious and error prone data integration.

Process Calculations

Take full advantage of your process measurements to acquire information of the process phenomena that cannot be directly measured. NAPCON allows seamless integration of rigorous and identified models to derive information for e.g. advanced process control.

Products for Big Data

NAPCON Analytics

NAPCON Analytics turns data provided by your plant into a unified, easily understandable format and uses it to predict the real-life consequences of your o...
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NAPCON Informer

NAPCON Informer creates automated reports making decision-making fast and easy. Say goodbye to repetitive manual work and let our algorithms work the work...
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  • 10 % Increase in productivity

    An impressive productivity leap – without any hardware investments.
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  • 17% Productivity Increase

    Forchem Oy owns and operates a world-scale tall oil distillation plant in Rauma, on the Western coast of Finland. The plant has an annual ca...
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  • $ 100M more profit

    The decision to optimize led to excellent long-term results.
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