Play NAPCON’s new Furnace game now. - NAPCON

Play NAPCON’s new Furnace game now.

Operator World Cup is an online competition for process operators and industry professionals. This year, the best of the best will compete by playing the all-new Furnace game against each other. Participating is easy and free.

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2018 Operator World Cup LEADERBOARD

  1. TheHoff 139708
  2. pontoh 139503
  3. AGUS ST 139421
  4. Naizar Store 139370
  5. wigih 139309
  6. virdan 139227
  1. perwakilan enrekang 138958
  2. adan pacar liyana 138551
  3. OranGe08 137960
  4. Mee&Riff 137503
  5. Viktor 137102
  6. sebnoe1 136944
  1. Okuzon 135125
  2. ashadistribusi 134710
  3. rohimin 134621
  4. ARS 134476
  5. sonda 134412
  6. temannya sonda 133680

    Introducing NAPCON Games Furnace

    The third release of NAPCON Games, Furnace is a simulation-based game. With NAPCON Games Furnace, operators and other industry professionals are able to enhance and test their skills in industrial furnace principles and operating. Playing is easy, fast and exciting, with carefully designed features.

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    2018 Operator World Cup schedule

    Operator World Cup will be kicked-off with online qualifications. Later on the most successful players will be chosen to participate in industry events, where the best of the best will play against each other – face to face. The best three (3) players of each month will win a one (1) month / five (5) person license to both NAPCON Games Furnace and Distiller games.