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Perttu Tuomaala, Head of NAPCON / 05 Dec 2018

Building safety and efficiency

We had a house built for the family a few years ago. For most of us, building a house is a big, once in a lifetime investment. The stakes ar...

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Stefan Tötterman, Lead Process Control Specialist / 05 Nov 2018

How to optimize powder production in the dairy sector?

Drying is the oldest method available for preservation of food products. The advantage by drying is not only that it inhibits the growth of...

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NAPCON / 17 Sep 2018

NAPCON Dictionary

The vocabulary used to explain and describe process industry processes is unique and can sometimes feel a little complicated with its own te...

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Pongku Kumar Paul, Summer Trainee, NAPCON Games Team / 16 Jul 2018

A Revitalizing Tech Summer with NAPCON

It’s been almost two years, that I have been away from my birthplace Bangladesh and been studying in Finland. Consequently, the Asian prof...

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Andreas Frejborg, Technical Sales Manager / 04 May 2018

Digital Refinery: Greetings from the even smaller world – reflections on what IoT enables, in both good and bad

Writing this as I am heading back home from a business trip to Canada and U.S. I had the pleasure to visit and discuss the hot topics –...

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Johanna Vaittinen, Manager, Simulation and Analysis / 20 Mar 2018

NAPCON Decide services helping customer’s decision making

When was the last time that you had challenges in making up your mind – making a decision? Decision making can be cumbersome. There ar...

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Alexandre Boriouchkine / 19 Feb 2018

Dynamic real-time optimization maximizes the efficiency of your production

The future will make everything around us increasingly complex, be it cars, electronics or household items. If we compare cars from thirty y...

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Kari Kunnari / 22 Jan 2018

Energy efficiency case study: Creation of energy efficiency Action Plan for oil refinery with advanced energy performance analysis

NAPCON portfolio includes wide palette of different kind of consulting services, including state of the art energy performance analysis to i...

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