Safety cannot be bought. It comes from conscious decisions to form a culture of avoiding possibly unsafe conventions. NAPCON offers hi-tech support for conventional Safety Engineering to ensure a significant reduction in risk.

Safe Operation

Potentially hazardous situations are most often encountered while performing tasks that are not done frequently. Using a process learning environment to practice operating under rarely occurring circumstances allows plant personnel to adopt safe ways to operate the plants and to efficiently handle abnormal events.

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Safe Design

Construction and operation of safe production facilities and systems are based on Safe Design. Rigorous dynamic simulations allow new ways to ensure the integrity of safety related systems, verify safety critical HMI designs, and size safety related instruments.

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Safe Production Chain

Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability analysis (RAM) indicates the most vulnerable parts of the production chain. Ensuring proper maintenance of those equipment and doubling the critical ones, provide a solid platform for sustainable safe production and avoiding discontinuities.

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