Production Optimization is required for maintaining the competitiveness in changing markets. Whether it is about maximizing the capacity during good times or about minimizing production costs during recessions, NAPCON finds the optimal solutions.

Throughput Maximization

Increasing production capacity without costly investments in equipment sounds like a daydream. NAPCON makes it real by utilizing sophisticated multivariable, model-predictive advanced process controller and supportive process information products.

» NAPCON Controller
» NAPCON Analyst
» NAPCON Indicator

Dynamic Economical Production Optimization

Finding the constantly changing economical optimum for hour-to-hour production by increasing the production rates of the currently most profitable products and simultaneously minimizing the production costs while taking into account the state of the process is not an easy task. Why not let NAPCON do it for you?

» NAPCON Optimizer

Utility consumption minimization

In certain economical situations the challenge is not to push the production capacity further, but instead to make the product as cost efficiently as possible. NAPCON offers dynamic top-notch tools to minimize the utilities consumption's.

» NAPCON Optimizer
» NAPCON Controller

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