Smoothly working logistics is a prerequisite for any successful business on today's global markets. This is especially true for companies dealing with high raw material and product flows. NAPCON offers logistics solutions based on detailed simulations and optimization.

Import – Export Logistics

Depending on the field, the raw materials may be imported and exported by vehicles like airplanes, trucks, trains, and ships requiring unloading or by pipelines. Optimize the scheduling of the vehicles and the usage of the loading and unloading facilities.

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Production Site Storage Area Design and Logistics

Production facilities making several product grades or having several intermediate products require large and complex storage systems. By optimizing the sizes and number of the tanks and the interconnecting pipelines by NAPCON products, the operational functionality is guaranteed and expensive over-investments can be avoided.

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Site Location Optimization

The location of production facilities sets the limits to the economical potential of the site. The optimal location is determined by availability and logistics of raw materials, utilities, and people, local politics and society and the vicinity of the customers.

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