Today's sustainable business takes into account all environmental aspects of the production. NAPCON supports this goal by providing several ways to minimize the environmental impact of the production.

Decreasing the Environmental Footprint

NAPCON enables several approaches to reduce energy consumption, off-spec production and emissions of hazardous chemicals. NAPCON software has field-proven track-records for example to optimize the energy consumption and on-spec production, to compute CO2 emissions and to train process operators to run the production facility in an environmentally friendly way.

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Avoiding Hazards

The most dramatic harmful effects on environment are typically caused by accidents, process upsets, and process disturbances. To prevent such abnormal conditions, NAPCON process learning environment allows operators to adopt safe ways to operate the plants and to practice efficient handling of the rare abnormal events.

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Knowing the Production Chain

RAM analysis indicates the most vulnerable parts of the production chain. Ensuring proper maintenance of those equipment and doubling the critical ones, provide a solid platform for sustainable clean production.

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