Advantages that make a difference

With NAPCON you can find optimal solutions to maximize the capacity during high season or to minimize the production costs during low season. You can guarantee customer satisfaction, maximize operating profits and improve production practices with optimized quality. You can also redefine conventional safety engineering and operator training with our interactive training environment.

NAPCON helps you to find global and local scale logistics solutions based on detailed simulations and sophisticated optimization. You can improve business practices and make better decisions in complex situations.Also the environmental impacts of the production can be minimized. With NAPCON you will get increased energy efficiency in production thanks to real- time optimization while simultaneously reducing waste due to off-spec production. You can also train operators with simulators to run the process in more efficient way. NAPCON also enables you to fully utilize the potential of your big data with modern information management technologies.

NAPCON performance improvement solutions and services help you gain significant advantages on several areas:

  • Production optimization

  • Quality optimization

  • Safety

  • Logistics

  • Business optimization

  • Environment

  • Big data

NAPCON gives you all this and much more. For further information on our advanced NAPCON solution, please contact our experts on napcon(at)

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