Modern solution for efficient use of integrated plant data in production tracking

Some years ago, Neste Oil designed and implemented a production tracking procedure, which relied on Microsoft Excel files. Manually updating and handling the enormous data sets in separate files on day-to-day basis proved to be very cumbersome to the personnel responsible for maintaining the system. In consequence, Neste Oil decided to integrate all Excel files in seamlessly operating software in order to improve and stabilize the production tracking procedure.

Neste Jacobs was asked to create a new system including a web-based graphical user interface, required data treatment functionalities, production tracking calculations, stable database and reporting tool. Neste Jacobs’ NAPCON Informer met the customer requirements and provided an integrated, easy-to-use system that is both accurate and robust. Most importantly, the people working with the new software tool are now able to perform the same tasks than earlier in a matter of hours rather than days.

“With the old Excel supported system, the work load of our employees was very high and the system itself wasn’t a cost-effective solution in general. The new system enables us not only to work more efficiently, but to integrate additional features to the software, such as the reporting tool. We have recorded a 78% decrease in working hours to date. It is extremely important to have a production tracking system that is user friendly, trustworthy and flexible.”
Markko Rajatora
Manager of Decision Support Systems and Processes at Neste Oil

“The successful outcome of the project was built on the undivided commitment and the highly skilled people from both Neste Oil and Neste Jacobs.”
Andreas Frejborg
Manager of Process Calculation and Information at Neste Jacobs



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